**** Module updated on 25 Jan 2019 ****

Resellers can use our WHMCS modules to register/transfer and mantain domains.

Latest release can be downloaded here: https://www.domflow.it/dl.php?type=d&id=5

Compatible with  WHMCS 7.x and later

Install Instruction


  1. Upload and extract the module into the main WHMCS directory
  2. Go to Setup → Products/Services → Domain Registrars and activate module
  3. Set credentials for the API connection
  4. change file additionaldomainfields.php available in 'includes/additionaldomainfields.php' Or in: 'dist.additionalfields.php' file located at 'resources/domains/dist.additionalfields.php' (and copy into  additionalfields.php) above last line  '?>' and insert code:

        $filename = ROOTDIR.DS.'modules'.DS.'registrars'.DS.'DomFlowWHMCS20'.DS.'DomFlowWHMCS20.php';
            require_once ($filename);
            $fields = DomFlowWHMCS20_GetDomainFields();
                $additionaldomainfields = $fields;     



If you want register .it domain, please create file '/resources/domains/additionalfields.php' and add (ore replace if already present):

$additionaldomainfields[".it"][] = array("Name" => "Legal Type", "LangVar" => "ittldlegaltype", "Type" => "dropdown",
"Options" => "Italian and foreign natural persons,Companies/one man companies,Freelance workers/professionals,
non-profit organizations, public organizations,other subjects,non natural foreigners",
"Default" => "Italian and foreign natural persons", "Description" => "Legal type of registrant",); 


$additionaldomainfields[".it"][] = array("Name" => "Legal Type", "LangVar" => "ittldlegaltype", "Type" => "dropdown",
"Options" => "1|Italian and foreign natural persons,2|Companies/one man companies,3|Freelance workers/professionals,
4|Non-profit organizations,5|Public organizations,6|Other subjects,7|Non natural foreigners",
"Default" => "1|Italian and foreign natural persons", "Description" => "Legal type of registrant",); 

Now assign our DomFlow as registrar 'Setup' → 'Products/Services' → 'Domains Pricing'

Supported .TLD



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